-Where can I watch Vegan on a Jet Plane?

Subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch scenes as we release them. Join our mailing list and we will update you when full episodes are available and where to find them!

– I’m not vegan, will I still like the show?

Absolutely! There is something in here for everyone. Although the show is of special interest to those following a plant-based diet, everyone can benefit regardless of how you eat.

-Will we pressure you to adopt a vegan lifestyle?

No way! You may learn some health benefits of plant-based foods, but we leave the decision of what you put in your body completely up to you!

-How can I get involved?

If you’re interested in partnering with or appearing on the show, visit our Production section. If you’re a fan, have ideas for future episodes or just want to say, “hi,” please visit our Contact section!