Vegan Startup Mini Toolkit: day 2

Video Transcription

Welcome to our second video of Vegan Startup Mini Toolkit!

Did you download the apps or look at the websites? If you did I’m sure they saved you a lot of guesswork and you can see value in using them in the future. Investing a little energy initially helps you become a vegan pro, and saves you a lot of time and headache later on. You’ll be able to experience veganism as a source of joy, vigor and fulfilment – knowing that you are doing your part for our planet to be a better place.

Before we share the SECOND tip of our three part series, I want to share a few stats on why people choose to eat a vegan diet!

Someone who eats a vegan diet for one month will save 30 animal lives, 900 square feet of forest, 33,000 gallons of water, and 1,200 pounds of grain. As you can see it’s more than just being compassionate toward animals, going vegan also helps save our environment, our planet, and world hunger. You’ll save help preserve the rainforest and all the endangered plants and animals that are part of it. Many people do not know that most forests are primarily destroyed to raise cows, not to use the trees for lumbar. In fact cattle ranching is the number one reason for deforestation of the Amazon rainforest.

Our second tip to help you eat a vegan diet is SHIFT YOUR MINDSET when creating meals.

When most people go vegan or vegetarian, they think about what they’re taking away–no more meat, dairy, or eggs. This mindset can leave them unsatisfied with their meals. For instance, let’s say you’re someone who eats a cheeseburger for lunch. You go vegan. You take away the meat and cheese, and are just left with the bun, lettuce and tomato. Of course you’ll be hungry, unsatisfied, and frustrated with a vegan diet!

The key is instead of only thinking of what you take away, think of what you can ADD. And if possible ADD more items than what you remove. For example let’s say you go to a restaurant and order a cobb salad. You order it made “vegan” so you remove the chicken, egg, and creamy dressing. Now think, what can you add? You can ask for a vegan dressing like balsamic vinaigrette, ask for extra of your favorite vegetables, add some filling healthy fats like avocado, and some extra protein sources like a veggie burger patty, hummus, and grilled tofu. By doing this you’re able to customize your meal into something that is vegan but also delicious, filling, and satisfying.

So remember today’s go vegan tip—don’t just think about what you’re removing when you eat a vegan meal, think of what you can ADD.

In my Vegan 101: Eating Vegan Made Easy course I go into detail about other vegan options you can enjoy, including my Ultimate Vegan Cheat Sheet which includes over 100,000 different meal combinations!

Be on the lookout for tomorrow’s video, my favorite tip of them all!